Impound Towing Calgary

When your vehicle has been impounded by the authorities and needs to be rescued, Towing Near Me is your Calgary Impound Towing specialist.  Our drivers have the required expertise and our tow trucks the latest equipment to effectively handle all light to medium impound towing in Calgary.  

 Getting your impounded vehicle out of the Calgary Impound Lot as quick as possible and stopping their charging process is clearly the priority.  Call Towing Near Me to minimize the costs, and eliminate frustration when your vehicle gets sentenced to the Calgary Impound Lot.

Impound Towing Rates

Towing Near Me rates are industry competitive. Our policy is that we never mark-up with hidden fees. The rate we state to you is the rate you pay.  No more and no less! 

Once we have the agreement to proceed then you become a Towing Near Me priority. We’re on the job doing working for you and doing what we do best.  Delivering the best impound towing value for your dollar in Calgary.

Important Impound Towing Information

Please text, email, or call in the following information so we can process this matter quickly. Once we have your vehicle click the above “Send My Location” option to provide us the map link of your precise location for delivery.

  • make of vehicle, model & serial # (VIN);

  • Plate Num​​​​​ber;
  • Your authorization to proceed email;
  • pencil
    Insurance Claim Number.

If you have any questions about our service, rates, or the Impound Process give us a call; or simply fill out the contact form below. We are always pleased to provide impound towing assistance, even answering basic questions and concerns about the Calgary impound process.