Junk Car Towing Near Me

Towing Near Me provides towing services for Junk Car towing near me in Calgary and the surrounding area. We pay fair market value in cash for junk cars that need to be removed. Whenever you have an unsightly scrap car on your property, then Towing Near Me will respond with a quick professional scrap car removal Calgary and put fair market cash in your pocket!

Simply give us a call now or fill out the email contact form below with the information requested and we will respond promptly.

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Scrap Car Removal Calgary

When you need a scrap car removal Calgary or anywhere in southern Alberta, Towing Near Me provides services for Junk Car towing near me. We have a no limits flexible approach that will put fair market value in cash into your pocket. Whenever you have an unsightly scrap car on your property, then Towing Near Me can provide you with best value with a quick professional removal!

Give us a call or send us an email and we will get you a quote on the spot!

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Required Information
  • Make and model of your vehicle;
  • Value you are anticipating on a sale;
  • We will either accept that value or email you a counter offer;
  • Once an agreement has been established then we will email a Bill of Sale to you;
  • Once Bill of Sale contract signed you will email back to us with the address where vehicle can be retrieved;
  • Upon receipt of the Bill of Sale we will attend the address you provided and pay you the agreed value;

Learn More

Check out the following article links for further information and to learn more about roadside assistance and what happens to you vehicle once it is scrapped. For tips on roadside assistance check out our blog post.

To learn more about what happens to your junk cars after.

Call Towing Near Me in Calgary and surrounding area for all your Towing needs.   We have a tow truck nearby in every quadrant of the city and pride ourselves on response time.  We have the equipment and expertise to handle all light to medium towing situations.