Roadside Assistance Tips Calgary

Have you ever found yourself in a situation requiring roadside assistance tips for Calgary? Perhaps it’s a sudden flat tire in the middle lane of a very busy interstate or engine trouble in the middle of the deserted country-side? This stuff happens all the time and when it does you can choose to react in one of two ways; you can either panic or be resourceful.

We’ve provided some handy tips for if you do find yourself breaking down at any point, to help you handle the situation as best you can.

Best safety roadside assistance tips for Calgary

Let’s say you encounter an emergency while driving in Calgary. At this time, what must be the priority is your personal safety, your passengers as well other drivers. Some of the top tips for roadside assistance for Calgary include,

 1. Slowing down and stopping on the roadside

Whether it is a tire burst or smoke from the hood, do not panic. Look for the best way to get out of the traffic flow and get roadside assistance. Slow down and look for an emergency lane, rest stops, exits, or parking lot. But even if it means completely tearing through a blown tire in the process, you need to pull over! Make sure to avoid stopping in traffic or spots that are hidden from vision, like blind corners, over hills, or on narrow roads and bridges.

 2. Switch on your hazards

Whether its day or night, it is important to put your hazard lights on (usually the big red triangular button). This will make sure you alert fellow drivers that you’ve got car issues and not just taking a nap or phone call.

 3. Personal safety

Put on your reflective jacket if you have one, or place your warning triangle on the same side of the road, 45 meters behind the car. If you don’t have either, be extremely cautious as it will be very difficult for other drivers to see you.

4. Look before getting out of the car

If it’s safe, get out of the car on the opposite side of traffic, even if you have to crawl over the passenger seat. Like getting out of a taxi, you never want to open the car door on the traffic side! Once you’re out of the car though, go ahead and pop the hood, check out your vehicle, examine the damage and attempt any kind of repairs (if you know what you’re doing). Generally speaking though, in Calgary it’s safer to keep everyone clear of the car and wait for roadside assistance to come.

5. Maximize your visibility

You may want to mark your location with flares or triangles. At the very least you’ll want to raise your vehicle’s hood. This’ll let everyone know that you’re having car problems and need help. 

6. Call Roadside Assistance

We’re here to help, 24/7. So put our number in your phone and call roadside assistance from Towing near me any time for a jump-start or tow to the nearest vehicle repair location.

7. Stay near your car

It’s important not to leave your car. If you have called for roadside assistance in Calgary, it’s more practical to meet help, a tow truck, or the police at the scene of your disabled vehicle than at a nearby burger joint.

8. Keep some emergency supplies in your car

Take a lesson from the Boy Scouts and always be prepared! Keep a blanket and first aid kit (or at least some water) in your car. Carry flags, flares or reflective triangles in your vehicle so you can mark your location in the event of an emergency, even during the day.

9. Put your hood down

If you’re done changing the tire or the tow-truck is on the scene, put the hood down and store any flares or other emergency signals. Otherwise, another driver may try to risk slowing down to provide roadside assistance tips.

10. Be green! Clean up the scene

Clean up whatever packaging, trash, and debris you left around the area. Littering is bad news, and abandoning a broken car part is wasteful and could be a road hazard for other drivers.

What to remember

The most important things to remember during any breakdown requiring roadside assistance tips for Calgary are

  1. 1
    Keep calm - It happens to most of us at some point or another during their driving career, and although it can seem like a worrying experience, it’s really not that bad!
  2. 2
    Invest in breakdown cover in advance - try and make sure your car is prepared and stocked up with things that will aid in the event of a breakdown, such as keeping a blanket in the car, phone charger, warning triangle and something to eat and drink.
  3. 3
    Get your vehicle serviced – Do this regularly and carry out some basics checks before embarking on any long journeys to prevent the need for roadside assistance in Calgary.

Call for Help

If your car won't run or if it's so badly damaged that it can't be driven, stay in the vehicle and use a cell phone to call for help. Don't stand outside the vehicle in the flow of traffic. If your vehicle breaks down in a dangerous area, call the police and stay in your car with the doors locked until help arrives.

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